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Author greenlantern
Tags action author:greenlantern playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-26
by 9 people.
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Description An all-around decent level. I like the flow, the difficulty, and the look of it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Post your fast demos and all-gold demos please.

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goddamnit as i said in the other level, i wasnt able to log on for like a week and i made levels during that time. i posted them all at the same time, but stop saying im a spammer damnit!


this one is pretty fun

as he said,

6 maps of teh newest 10 should not all be from one creator, therefore, stop being gay adn stop posting maps, no more than 3 a day please.


is a slow demo... just for the heck of it, with a different route...
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I Have

The same things to say as LouDog004 and great_sea.
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i agree,

the map is fun, but please dont submit this many in such a short period of time, from now on.


this map is actually decent, but you're still spamming.
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