sleepy hollow

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-26
Last Modified 2005-04-26
Map Data

Description a completely linear map, with optional 'all gold'. not sure how fun it is, but i really like the design.

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Same as Leaff.
but this actually made mine dodging exhilarating.
Also, I'm curious. About how many unread comments do you get a day?

loved this

first user level i played

I love this map,

one of my all-time faves.


quite easily, one of the best N maps ever made. this is the map that inspired me to make maps, much <3 to you atob.

Gold demo

I always wonder why not many people go for most 'time' on numa maps, everyone goes for lowest frames..
well, 126.625
Demo Data

I like it...

It's not too easy but i can do it.(I didn't get all gold, though)
I made a similar map but i didn't submit it.
Maybe i will now.



Stumbled upon this map again. Decided to submit a faster demo than I did before.
Demo Data


My favourite map on NUMA. Probably. Maybe. What? what?


a little harder would be better


whatever you reckon BS11 but this is my favourite map *ever*

Nice map

4/5 and thats is in my honest opnion look at it as 8 out of 10. Don't be dissappointed with my rating, I am just being fair..
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my favourite map ever, 5


LOVE the tileset!


It's slow, but I finished the map.

Very good map.
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Really great level, one of my favorites. 5/5

no demo

but this was fucking sweet. good job man. and the faint kick ass


great_sea, man that's tough... it's why i put those there ;p

thanks for the great comment/ratings guys :)


Two five ninja ratings at the same time!!!!!!!!!! 5/5!


'top rated'

let's see how long this lasts... ;p


this would have been a sweet run, but i made a dumb error right at the end :).

super fun map, man. The tileset works nicely to make for some tricky all gold runs or speed runs. good difficulty, too. for some reason this feels kind of like a metanet level...
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...and didn't see your comment before i posted that.


your demo doesn't run with the edit, i switched the floor guard to the opposite side, sorry dude :/


Disregard that last demo, didn't notice the edit. Still working on completion though...


Almost there...
Demo Data

thanks lots

hold back on the completion demo for a few minutes, i just made a quick edit on the placement of the floor drone.


is totally awesome.I love this! 5/5.

Demo... ooooooohhh so close, I didnt look ahead, but was my third try or so. Lemme make a completion demo...
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