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Author jeffkillian
Tags action author:jeffkillian bitesized featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-26
by 134 people.
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Description My new favorite map I've made. I've spent hours playtesting this, and think it is as close as I can get it to perfect. Feedback/Votes are encouraged. Enjoy

This map was featured on 2011-09-11

Ah, classics. Maps around this era were the pinnacle of NUMA, and jeffkillian was one of those authors that perfected the standards of the time. Desperado is the best example of his works. It features three rockets and a single gauss that provide a perfect combo that heightens the experience you will have. Not to mention all the possible routes you can take, they will always be unique. With perfect gameplay and multiple routes, this map will have you coming back for more. — 1211

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don't bother arguing


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atob's comment still stands folks. Stop griping, for god's sake. This is map royalty right here, and y'all should show some respect. To be honest, I haven't seen many maps of this similar style come close to how good this one is.


Lol on both accounts.

With that in mind, the fabric of the universe is still in place.

I find amusing

the difference from 2005 atob to today's atob.
'05 is like "lol nice map <3" and '11 atob is like "srs buisnss"

lol darkcrusader

you were kinda late. atob removed those comments a huge while ago.
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I'm surprised.

I don't see anyone complaining because this was included with the game's userlevels.
Honestly, I think this map is great. I loved learning the movements of the rockets, ultimately bending them to my will, and sending them to their timely deaths.

It's great and all that we can look back and say "wow this map was amazing for its time" or "this map defined a genre". Not sure if it really translates in featureable though.

When featuring it's not really about what the map was, it's what the map is to the people who will play it because it was featured.

That aside, I did enjoy it, just playing devil's advocate on enigmatic's behalf.
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Shit, you guys. I've been making maps for years and no one bothered to point out we'd already reached the pinnacle??

What a waste of time that was : (

you don't like this

because you played 250 maps based on the same map. You've overplayed this map without ever having played this map.

On the other hand, you should at least respect it. It's the main reason why you like(d) rocket dodgers.
At the time, this was one of the first of the first to use a concept like this. You can't expect people at the time to think of it as "generic", because this was the first of its kind.

Oh is that why?

Oh. Oh thanks. Oh now I understand thanks sunset this is terrific and fun for me right now and holds a candles to todays maps even though it was made a long time ago.
I've seen this kinda thing a million times. It's really boring.

nice thing is the

varied possibilities to complete this map. I really like this style of map, opposed to the maps that require you to make super precise progressions of moves (blue tetris) thwumping impossible map. Although that map did make me play better. AGD
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I remember this

...still good.


This is one of the all-timers.


just moan
after my skills have improved.




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Fastest AGD

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oh well
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<trance> Do you understand mystro23's comment on the featured?

I'd like to say this map is a map with stuff and things. Both of which I like. I would fave but too late!


i just wanted to say i agree with njitsu
Take it to the forums or IRC. Comment on the map here. Thanks.

Me likey

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I have a love/hate relationship with this level, but damn is it addicting to play.
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fastest speedrun so far i guess?
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close call
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Without a doubt

the best map I've ever played. I spent hours perfecting this demo here.
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of best maps ever. *5*


wooot! great map well done


Howdy yall.