Statix: Redux

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Author traction
Tags action author:traction playable rated
Created 2007-01-19
Last Modified 2007-01-19
by 11 people.
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Description Originally a collab from me, Fallen, and McP.

It wasn't well recieved (understandably) and so I've reworked it, and tried to 'sharpen the edges' a little. It should be much better (more fun to play) now.

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What? I was just saying that I'm glad he was responsive, rather than feeling offended by what I said.


nevermore, that was the smoothest way to both obscenely brag and tell somebody good job at the same time...

great level by the way


I'm so glad you took my criticism well!


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this is great

4.5 i havent added something to my faves in ages


first try. about 200 frames short =p.
Demo Data

little quicker

can be done much quicker.
Demo Data
very fun.
Demo Data

So much better.

Much less stressful to play.