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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore rated test v1.4b
Created 2005-04-29
by 12 people.
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Description I'm testing a new style, and to be honest, I don't really like it. I may delete it, because I'd really like to improve it into a much better map based on your comments, but then again I may not. Some parts may seem hard, but it's all possible. I had fun playtesting it, but the result isn't great...
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good map

just the bounce blocks are placed strange. and the thwumps are placed too hard. other then that this could be a really fun level. like most test maps it just needs work. and its a good concept.
I'm not sure why, but sometimes when you come from behind a thwump it moves.

All Gold

but no exit. I give up. Also, on my way back up, I've never seen a thwump behave like that, where I'm underneath it and it still moves.
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done. didnt go for the gold, and i made a bunch of mistakes. I like it, really. for some reason a couple of the bounceblocks feel a little misplaced, but really i didn't go for the gold or play too long, so maybe it is just misjudgement. I liked it overall, though. kind of a interesting puzzle/action mix. 4/5
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A lil demo. I'll leave all gold up to you, however I got a demo for that too.
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