Choose Your Destiny

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Author Ali_2
Tags action author:ali_2 playable rated
Created 2007-01-21
Last Modified 2007-01-21
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description There are four possible chambers here; it's like four mini-levels in one. All are entirely possible, and they increase in difficulty (for me) from left to right. Some are puzzles, some are straight action.
Fourth (and final) ded to Fenneth, this time for his jawdropping AGD of Dance With Us.
Entered for the One Of Everything contest .
Demos available on request.

Ded to the first person to demo all four rooms!

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Lovely map, dude.


Ooo, demos

and good ones, too! Thank you! It seems I will forever be in ded debt to you :P One more on its way!

Room 4

Fun map. I liked all the rooms except for 3.. just felt like jump, die, repeat. A fun map overall and a neat way to meet the contest requirements too :)

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Room 3

Demo Data

Room 2

Demo Data

Room 1

Demo Data
its fun, just a bit hard 3.5/5