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Author nevermore
Tags action author:nevermore bitesized featured playable rated v1.4b
Created 2005-04-30
by 155 people.
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Description I adore the flow of this level. It's somewhat open ended, and at the end you have the choice of risking another time around or getting the top trap door, getting some gold, and making it easy for yourself. So yeah, have fun!
Comments, demos, ratings, etc appreciated!

This map was featured on 2008-07-08

Many NUMA users hark on about flow as if it were some kind of holy grail.

"To greet transcendence with a pure soul, one must first discover 'Teh Flow'!" they whisper to each other, or "This map does for 'Teh Flow' what 2Unlimited did for popular techno!"

Obviously, that's complete tosh if they haven't yet discovered 'Speak' by a great master of 'Teh flow', Nevermore!

'Speak' is a perfect example of intuitive, smooth and satisfying play. With object placement that stands out as fresh even by today's standards, this is one map that truly does lead to the Holy Grail. — astheoceansblue

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Improved timing

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this is my favorite map :D best map ever seen :D like the name, the symetry, the flow, just the whole map :D perfection to the fullest :D.... ups, I'm goin overbord.. :D I'll finish this comment here^^ cause els it would be toooo long :P


check out my nreality highscore as cxscxs630


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138th rate!


In my oppinion,

this is the 2nd best map ever. 5/5 and faved

My Favorite

Perfect. Nothing more needs to be said.

Yes, thank you

Sorry for all the trouble.

Completion Demo!!!
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Let's try to keep the major discussions to the forums [].


ofcourse I ment placed instead of paced


I hate this map, the flow is awfull, I mean, is there any flow? Objects are paced awfully bad, the tileset is more then rubbish, etc...
(Just to bring some variation in the comments^^)

No really, great map, (one of the) best flows ever, etc..
5/5, favourited:)

to be honest

i much prefer contraction when talking about flow

this map has too much gold, too much stuff.

worth featuring, but if you were gonna feature a nevermore map, i wouldn't have picked this one.

Good job

Man! this is one of the best maps! You are the best map maker. (besides formica)

Good jorb

This is my second favorite level ever, next to Desperado by jeffkillian
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got the gold symmetrically
good map, but it´s not worth a 5....i´ll give you a 4.5, o.k.?
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i'm terrible at this ;_;
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Ahh well...4.5/5


I thought someone jacked your map and got incredible ratings, Linus...
When did you change your name?
This is probably the best map I have ever played. Great flow and continuity to the map.

HOLY FUCK dude!!!

this never got bitesized!!! this has got to be my favorite level, or at least one of them. 5aved


holy smoke aht you were flying in that demo

a bit faster...

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new way...

257.150 ,)
Jiggerjaw12358, thanks for idea...
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Demo Data

hmm... ,)


Thanks to joe1284 for his demo... )
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253.125... it is not enough ,)
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250.100+4.000? ,)

I will try...
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252.35 sec

Awsome map
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252.35 sec

Awsome map
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yay! awesome!


Demo Data


I dont know how to play any lvls, can someone please tell me!!!!


you once again prove that you are my hero. Favoritized, 5/5

great map

awsome map, holds my attention for replay after replay

1.4 beta???

i didn't know there was a new version out...
absolute crap
i just gave it a 5/5 for one reason:
It was awesome, nice work nevermore.