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great map )

My demo - 249.325
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Flows like a river.

Great stuff, good way to waste 10 minutes.

212.450 best time... :S
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so awesome

Excellent flow, this level was so fun...Awesome job nevermore
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Another demo.

Flow flow flow.
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Great map

Just played it on the user levels, excellent stuff, 5/5.

really fun

i love the flow as well. 5/5

Nice one!

Great map there nevermore. Love the flow. Heres my demo. Its not as fast as everyone elses but its ok.
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I like but it gets annoying because i can't stop playing


ahh, i can't get enough of this map. i find myself playing it over and over on my User Levels.

Great Map

Great Demo Blobglob


I really really like this map!
(Guess if I'm joking o.o)

2.30 am

Great Game, it's just a pity I cant do it, Maybe its just lack of sleep! I like the symmetry of the Level.

Guys, seriously

If you're gonna rate it lower, please explain why.

Excellent map.

Yep, top stuff.
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nothing here man...

this is one of your best, and your best is *GooD*
Yup. Sheer brilliance. 5/5. Truly awesome...


Never ceasing to amaze.
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They were probably jealous. ;)
Thanks guys. At least I know the good things. Anything I can work on?


meh, and i just gave it a five, so that must have been a three, which it definitely didn't deserve!!! really good map, never.


Come on, guys. If you're gonna rate me down, at least comment. God damn it, I hate when that happens. Just tell me how to improve, ok!?


i dont really know what I am talking about...

Wow, just... wow

I had no idea you guys would like this so much.
great_sea, what about this is so different from my regular style? I don't think it's very different...


5/5. dude... it this is becoming your new style, then keep it up :-D

As expected...



my new fav. map!


to the map maker and the demo. that was cool to watch


That has near-perfect flow. Getting all gold was fun.
Awesome job nevermore.

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