Remote's Mighty Z-snap

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Author amconline
Tags action author:amconline playable rated
Created 2007-01-23
by 10 people.
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Description Ded to Remote, for being a cool guy and a great map maker.
This map has been inspired by his latest maps, with Z-snap... ;)
It's full of tricky-fun jumps on bounce blocks, and I love it. AGD inside.

and for those who also like it, here is a cool map to check :

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broke 2000

:D :D :D ^^
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i set out to make an agd, then gave up.


faster agd

there's still _alot_ that can be improved here. the mistakes should be readily apparent. 5/5, cuz i'm in a good mood.
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i love this map tto little tiny bits.

you amconline, are a true Z-Snap artist. i love the tubey bits you have to use to get to the top half. i love the mix of gold and mines. i love the z-snap curves. i love the elegantly placed bounce blocks.

i love this map. 5/5
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Realy nice looking, coupled with great gameplay. Good job, man.
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Sure will!


Keep up the good training, GEAH ! :)

:( Insult.

"It's not really hard."
I suck at N ;D
I haven't completed a single column. Don't laugh.


It's not really hard...
And it's a good training stuff for Bblocks. :)

Looks very good ;D

Fun to play... But too hard for me ;D 4/5.


Just to know :
The weird begining is done on purpose. Every objects, except exit switch and door, were put on Z-snap.
Last gold, on the upper-left, is quite tricky to get... :)
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