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When I load any map (paste the level ID), it says, that I don´t completed the map yet. My Highscore is not viewed.


I may not be understanding you correctly, but that sounds like the submission process is just being slow. You could check whether the nreality site doesn't work/is blocked on your computer, though.

Favourite Numa Map

But guys, please,
Can you tell me how to submit my highscores on Numa maps?
My problem is, I have a good highscore on map x, you know,
then I load the map, and it says "Ctrl-click your personal best score to submit", but my Highscore isn´t notified anymore! When I go back to userlevels it´s notified again.

Can you help me please??
This is one of the best map/review combinations in this site's history.


Finally featured!
the only race map I like. Seriously. The only one.

Anyone who gets mad that this is featured should go watch ponies and chill out.

Slow agd.
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we just discussed why /these/ maps shouldn't be featured.

Goes down smooth ^^

Gorram finally. >:|

It is too blurry..!

Classic map

5 years since my last comment on it. However this one includes an AGD following the original route.

And Broghan, praise formica much? It's a wonder there's no marriage proposal in there :P
Lovely, powerful review.
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Hmm... actually i wonder why this got featured... yea it where revelutionary, but actually not THAT good... and i've always thought of features as maps which the reviewers knew about, but havn't been given the fame it might deserve... and this clearly isn't such a map...


I would have said more, but the 100 word limit crippled me somewhat.


I found it on NUMA! I knew it was here somewhere... Frickin' GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder how it isn't featured.
I know that I shouldn't care, but I can't help but feel special :p

1500 on the dot

so yeah, I figured I'd finally comment on this map. One of the few races I've enjoyed, blah blah blah, mimic other compliments, etc.
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finally found it in your maps page(s) and well worth it. time to save it to my usb.


Huu, I was the 500th person who rated this map *smile*


I think this map genius!!!
Its a cool race an a tricky miner too. From me--- 5/5!

cool ^^

really liked this race in the userlevels =D

Agreed, ska

But, AFAIK, it's what started it all.

I don't see what the big deal is to be honest
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I wonder what the response would be like if this was submitted today? I think it would struggle to hold a 4 average to be honest.


I found it. 5aved ofcourse best level everrr!!!! keep up the good work :D.
A Legend. The Legend, Formica
5/5 no matter what


It puts me to shame..................... 5aved!


Demo Data


I just did an ultra fast one and don't know how to post demos no fair. Can anyone tell me?
i want to know


really, formica, im your geatest fan.

what the hell!!!!

this is only rated 4! this is an outrage! u should be ashamed at urselves!!!!! this is probably the greatest most original race ever created!!!


This level is very fun, great gameplay, awesome flow, and probably the best level ever created.


I had made this level
And were to die the instant I finish this comment
I could finish it quickly;easily
Knowing I had made my mark on the world.

Still Beautiful

Just came back to one of my old favorite maps.

And yes. It's still awesome.
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