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Absolute BEST map on numa.
Demo Data

Sick Map.

Absolutely. Legendary.

200th comment and 450th rate!


has best demo ever


finally decided to record.

can do faster.

i shall try...

All GOld.

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All Gold :)

Dam...screwed up the
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I am

the Anti-flow.
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this is one of the best races i've ever played on. 4.5aved


great map man, Loved it! 5/5 definately. One of THE best race maps on all NUMA. wicked! just, wicked


The best race map on the whole of Numa!


this is the first race map I ever played, and its still the best by far!

I love this map - 5/5
This was the first user-made map that I ever heard of, it's practically legendary to me... 5aved...

Yes and No...


Is that a compliment?

I can't believe

I haven't posted a demo yet.
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. . .

why do all your race maps suck except this one?

best lvl yet

this is the best level yet its a great race level and fun at the same time (though it is easy) thats the only reason im giving this a 4/5
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5/5 definately one of my all-time faves


I really can't understand what there should be so amazing about this map. It's a good race map. But it's not absolutely insane speedy and not more worthy to be rated so much more often than all the other good race maps here on numa. Tell me why this map should be so extremly wonderful.

@ scythe33

You should have watched his run... it was speed run.


Yes 3, I'm being kind.
Honestly this map is not as fun and not as flowy as most high rated race maps.
jiggerjaw posted a 1104 frame agd.

5/5 omg!

i love this map!!! i couldnt stop playing it
u and MARIJNENANDRIES are definately the best race map makers on numa!!!!


Flawless... Holy...

HOLY MUTHA... i still can't beat it! everything i've done in it is flawless and perfect and just dang AWESOME! I just let the map carry me along... and i go SUPA fast... i so wish i could do maps this good...

5/5 my fave map!

My demo...

not very fast, but completed!
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I love this map!

This is the best userlvl ever!!!!



not only cool but super cool
i wish
i have ur skill of playing n.
any way

Luv it

If anyone knows a better level, then you're wrong


Is what this map deserves.
the flow is above and beyond the point of exceptional


--Speed demo--
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time to own the current runs,
Fastest Speed & AG demo.
Btw, 5aved!

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not perfect

but the inane amazingness of it makes up for that! definitely 5d

Faved & 5'ed

good flow, unbelievably fun (and hard) on overclock. It bugs me that its harder to walljump on the trap doors, but thats not really your fault


Third most rated map on NUMA...I think.


Amazing, 5/5
Demo Data
Demo Data

dude thats cool

*druels all over computer and crashes itP

i cant do it

i can only get to the part where after falling between all the mines you have to leap from the spot up to the switch, and i had to cheat a bit to do it beacause the part after the 2nd loop i never make it in the crack so i have to hop in quickly before the missle gets me, then it follows me up