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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-05-03
Last Modified 2005-05-03
by 11 people.
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Description My second non-enemy jump puzzle, and again with a downright spiffy use of but one shape. This one has, I think, only two really hard jumps, both of those being the ones that get you from the bottom half of the map to the top. Most of the gold is simple to get, but some has been placed in strategic positions. Have fun, kids!

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In retrospect, I guess this was a little too hard. =P


only two very hard jumps, MY A$$. Every jump but maybe two are almost impossible. If not for the replay of you beating it, I would say it was impossible. I would put more time into it if, when I miss a jump I wouldn't fall all the way back to the ground thus makeing me have to make multiple near impossible jumps over again. When you have to make multiple nearly impossible jumps in a row to beat it, its just not worth the trouble. I love the idea of a jump map but don't make them so incredibly hard and they would be tons more fun. An idea would be to make one with multiple different ways to beat it not just one.
So tim's method is hereby banned. You can't use it. Nuh-uh.

Nice job for finding it though.

Wow that's cool.

Too hard for my patients.Truthfuly I couldn't do it,but check this out.
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Heh heh...

I had to fix a little something, so here's a new demo.

And you still can't look. ;)
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But don't go peeking unless you're truly stuck, y'hear?
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