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Author stepself
Tags author:stepself bitesized mines playable puzzle rated thwumps
Created 2005-05-04
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 12 people.
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Description Tough map, I think. Make your way up past thwumps and mines, and then back down. Extra challenge: Reach the exit, and live. I don't even know if that's possible.

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Woot! Fastage!
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Managed to survive to the exit.
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I may not have lived, but I finished fast.
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I just watched yours. At first I was trying to do basically what you did... but then I said "oh heck with it" and just tried to make it out of the bottom in one leap... and it worked! (sometimes)


Awesome demo. That's pretty close to what I had. Well, kind of.


i haven't seen your demo yet, but here is another way to do the first jump (is this the way you intended?)

I lived to the finish, too! :-D
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my laggy computer. I thought that jump out of the first dome was impossible. Anyway, here's my version
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got pretty close...

:) really cool map. simple, but it took me a while to figure out.
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I usually post a completion demo, but I want to see other attempts before I post my almost-completion. My laggy computer froze up at the last minute and I got mined, but it's basically complete.