The wheels of progress

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2005-05-05
Last Modified 2005-05-05
by 11 people.
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Description "Here once stood a sacred monumnent for the ancient tribes of Algorginians, and was the site for the landscape portrait 'Jumping up the valley', by Ellie. This site, in 1992, was protected and made sacred, to be preserved. However, in 1994, oil was discovered underneath the site, so this was removed. 25 Algorginians were killed here, and the rest were brought into Western society to be 'civilised'. This marker marks the spot where the monument once stood."

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felt like i had god powers when i played this.
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Looks hard,

but actually you can basically just run straight through it without
all those missiles and gauss turrets bothering you at all. Ok map.
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My head

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very nice


another great map that gets no recognition.

Map 100?

This is really inventive. Had I had this idea I would have filled the screen with it and made it impossible. Nice one :)

awesome map!

really fun. and very nice looking as well.

heh heh, cool

kinda reminds me of some of those old lemmings levels.