I guess I need some cover.

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Author Hawkk
Tags action author:hawkk playable rated
Created 2007-01-31
Last Modified 2007-01-31
by 8 people.
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Description I've been having a long map making break. I know.. nobody even noticed that :).


This is dedicated to Icereana for getting the highest score in my map; Everyday Chase.

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nice map


This map was really tough. I had to restart atleast five times before completing, and with restart i mean pressing "enter" in NEd. I like the tileset and the idea, but the mines at the end were not a funny surprise...
4/5. 3.5/5 + 0,5 for carrying my name in the description =D, not really, 4/5 it is.


I'll play in a coupla minutes when I'm on a faster comp...
4000/5 till then. jk

Very fun

although i feel like one chaingun would be enough and that the curvy tiles in the main area were irritating