Sound is the Word

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable race rated
Created 2007-02-02
Last Modified 2007-02-02
by 29 people.
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Description This map exists purely because of one rocket_thumped. Thanks man, it meant a lot to know that somebody wanted to play more. Even if I misspelt your username, it means a whole lot.

Anyway, this is more of a curiosity than anything else. It's partially just a playpark, with one main route and not a lot of gold and a very easy exit to get to. It's simple and neat and not going to get good ratings but I love it anyway.

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Faster AGD

Wow. I found a new route, and man is it quick.
More than 100 frames faster.

Try and find another path faster than this people!
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A challenge.

Hmmm four frames faster, so still fastest.
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NOW fastest
Demo Data


Demo Data


Faster than before, yet again... This time a differant route.

And once again sorry for the billion posts. I'l try not to post anymore. (Although no guaranties) = ).
Demo Data

Faster Again

For the "cheating path" that is.

By the way, sorry for the million posts...
Demo Data


Using Kenoshakid's path. And broke the 900 frame mark. = )
Still a brilliant map as well!
Demo Data


Demo Data


Just though it would play it again and i got fastest so far!
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Love it!

There is just something about this, i dont know what it is but i just cant stop playing it. One of my favourite races.


Demo Data


Demo Data


its ok but ive played better i give it 3.5
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I have the record for fastest demo so far (not AGD). The map is pretty bad tho. Not flowy at all, and I looked for some route to do. 2/5
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Hey Formica

I'm sorry you get picked on all the time. It must be hard.
anyway your maps are really cool.

formica, man

your race style is absolutely amazing. races always seemed so genericized to me until i saw some of yours (and tktktk's). I absolutely love this map, 5.


whats bitesized ive never heard of it ;(


formica, I would like to know why u plagarized my map. Were u hacked, or were you just having some fun?
I really want to know. Plz. If you do know, then can u please go to the forums in general discussion, and post in the topic:"formica is plagarizing"

you mmight want to clear your consience, or just admit that you were plagarizing.

My map:
your map:


is a nice map
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is a nice map
Demo Data


call it cheating, its not
Demo Data

Not your best

not very fluid and a bit too simple, but I like it anyways. 4/5.

Not your best

not very fluid and a bit too simple, but I like it anyways. 4/5.


I love it.

It's simple, just how you wanted it to be.
And fun to play on

Very Simple

Not one of your greatest maps but still a 4.5.

Dude, formica.

You expect us to sympathize when your complaint is, in summary, "NUMA sucks because people don't like my maps!"? Come on, there's a such thing as differing opinions. Just because you spent a long time on your map doesn't mean everyone is required to like it.

Now that's

a race.
reminds me why I lost all enthusiasm for NUMA in the first place.

FYI- This map took about a total of 4 hours of very haphazard, on- and- off, distracted work. A lot of polishing went into this, and getting the style to look how it was.


looks like you made it in 3 minutes.


not bad,


To formica,

I love playing your races and I always love your maps.
I think I got the right path on this (1000 frames exactly!) AGD attached below.
4.5aved, a great and precise race map.
To sanguine_is_blood,
You're too new to get a bitesize account, but if you stay at the pace your going, with these awesome action maps, you'll be there in no time.

Demo Data

im not

too much a fan of races in which you have to create your own flow so ill give it a 3


Demo Data
3.5/5 For the tileset and ummm too simple.
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Bitesize NUMA

You have to request having the power to bitesize, I think.


very metanettish. i like, fave but not bitesized sorry... BTW how do you bitesize?

So, so fun.

Superb map, my friend.

4.5 & favourited.