The Comeback

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2007-02-03
Last Modified 2007-02-03
by 23 people.
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Description I'm kinda tired, 'cause you wouldn't let me sleep last night
I'm a reasonable man, but I can't believe what's on our mind
Because the past few weeks were the saddest weeks and the words you said, oh, they made me weak
I'm out of my mind, I'm about to crack,

So let's call this the comeback.

Not a difficult map, but the gold should make it quite a bit harder for anybody who wants something more challanging.

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That is just AWESOME! Seriously!


It's awesome. 4/5.
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5 and fav

slow agd
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Good map.

It's just the constant reminder that this community is shit.


If you can't deal with it, you shouldn't even try to come back.
Ah. Again I remember why I've had this thing where I haven't used NUMA in months.
a level like this is not to be expected from the average map maker.

You're weird!

Loved it.
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nice level

very cool concepts, especially the one ways, very nice placement as well
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sweet :D