What's the time, Mr. Cat?

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Author greenlantern
Tags author:greenlantern dda rated v1.3c
Created 2005-05-06
by 11 people.
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Description Although its now a cliche phrase, here's my first DDA. i worked on it for a really long time and i really like the finished product. i used almost all the techniques used in other DDAs with a few new ones of my own, and i used all the objects except the enemies, of which there is only one. you'll get to see some crazy moves by mr. N, and gold is used very little.
With that said, i believe it is an amazing DDA. this level is dedicated to my dear cat Rocky, may he rest in peace.

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pretty damn boring. i agree with everyone with the enemies, there are no rockets closing in on him, no free falls to certain death but then suddenly he lives. just a lazy stroll around and cool symmetrical tile set. 3

this is much better that many of your previous maps though so props.


yes, that seems to be the main feedback i've been getting. i might make a heavy-enemy version, but i would have to majorly change some things. and trust me, i did try to add a few enemies. well anyways, i wanted this one to be mainly about the show and the techniques, so thank you

not exciting

nice job but you need more enemies.


reading the long description, i expected somthing better.
needs excitement!
good use of techniques though