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Author AsTimeFliesBy
Tags action author:astimefliesby best bitesized jetpack playable rated
Created 2007-02-06
Last Modified 2013-12-30
by 13 people.
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Description For the MNNM Leage. Week 6; theme: "no active enemies"
Stationary drones don't count as "active".

Surprisingly, this is my first map for this thing. I tried making this as abstract as possible. Don't think I was very successful =[

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Wow. sub-1000 frame AGD. More than twice as fast as George. No fbf.
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Thanks guys

Glad you like it lord_day. =]


I like.

Very Enjoyable

Your best map in awhile I think!

Sexy stuff

I'm intrigued by this map. There's something I like that I can't put my finger on. 5aved
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How do you win

couldn't get it
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I liked it


just a little calm.