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Author Icey
Tags action author:icey bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-02-06
Last Modified 2007-02-06
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description This is my first map. My N skill level is rather low, so I've attempted to create a level that is far too difficult for me to play. I hope you enjoy it.

Updated at 2007-02-06 17:32:26: Moved the exit to the bottom.

Updated at 2007-02-06 17:48:30: Made the start easier.


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"this map didn't even have 5 votes when you bitesized it. can you put more thought into your choices? and don't bitesize maps just cuz they're by friends of yours."
You're missing the point. Bitesizing a map should never be based on the votes it has received. We trust bitesize users to be able to make good decisions for themselves.

I approve of this map being bitesized.


Thank you for all the welcomes!

I'll use the suggestions made when creating maps in the future.

Welcome to NUMA.

I congratulate you for not making a bad map as a first. Contrary to what some of these guys think, I think this map is just 'good'. You could probably do some work on the aesthetics, as it isn't very visually appealling. But it looks as though you have the potential to become a great map maker. Attached is an all gold demo. 3.5/5
Demo Data

Who is this guy?

Icey just popped out of nowhere and starts making excellent maps. 5/5 + favorited. You are certainly skilled. Welcome to NUMA!


this map is 100% addicting.
awesome first map. i love it. 5/5

Demo Data

w00t w00t

all gold demo!!

Now, this is a lot better.
Demo Data
it is very nice, espically for a first. 4.5 from me.

yeah. i said /and/

referring to other maps you had bitesized.
but you are too good to be true.

Seriously, are you a multi accounter?

I think it;s a good idea to bitesize new member's first maps. It gives them a chance to be seen.

Two things

1. I don't know Icey, I was just enthusiastic about the awesomely fun map (which is now in my userlevels.)
2. Icey, just so you know, I'm a girl... one of the only ones here.



I can get to the last row, but I always always die... ggggrrrrr

Very good first map. 5aved.


Me and Hippo aren't friends. I'm sure he's a great guy, but we've never spoken before.

You could have pointed out that no one has completed it yet...

c'mon iaabh

this map didn't even have 5 votes when you bitesized it. can you put more thought into your choices? and don't bitesize maps just cuz they're by friends of yours.


Thanks Hippo for the bitsizing! :)

Also thanks Mechtradevil for the suggestion. I've done that.
Jump off that bridge round yonder, ya hear?
A difficult start can be engaging, but so can be a simple area or a mine filled enclosure that preps you for the real difficulties of the level... not a bad tileset. mostly good gameplay. as it's a first, I say 4/5


If everyone tells me to do something: I do it!
But so goddamned addicting.

Tip: Put the exit at the bottom of the map, and resub.
Then I shall five it, fave it, and bitesize it.
For now, 4.5/5 because of the exit placement.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep that in mind for any future maps I do.

I'm very impressed with the demo, xdude_. You did a lot of things differently to how I imagined they'd be done. A lot better as well!
only a 4/5, if the exit was at the bottom, it woulda been 4.5/5.
Demo Data
That was the worst part of this map.

Even though, this is an awesome first map. Good work.

I will rate in a bit, once I play it more.


I would put the exit down at the end. After making it all the way down, I really didnt feel like having to go all the way back up.

so far

Demo Data


Well, thanks for the quick comment.

You can do the start like this:
Demo Data

Not impossible

Ive gotten down to the second row... so far


as far as i got, bad idea
Demo Data