The God Construct

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang bitesized playable race rated
Created 2007-02-14
by 32 people.
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Description I'm quite happy with this race. Its average length, decent flow. With quite alot of close calls and misses. Its kinda hard-there are one or two areas where you have to make it in time otherwise you'll be drone killed. The only difficult jump is just over halfway, you have to do a perpendicular jump off a curve while going quite fast-but hey i can do it so it can't be that bad.

You can also play it like an action in which case its very open ended. Speed demos welcome.

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but kinda short...



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Speed Demo

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this would have to be one of the most glorius races i have ever played!


I had an 913, but I didn't save it =[
I'll get a faster one. 4.5aved


This shits all over the vast majority of race maps around these days.


what a flow.
what a tileset.
Very cool.


I like the way you cut out the perp jump near the bottom, it looks better that way

and about going to fast-sorry i tried and tried to get that fast but i couldn't so i didn't think it would be a problem


i went too fast
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Awesome Item placement awesome asthetics (I an never get good asthetics on a race map)
Ridiculus flow
The only thing I didn't like was that if you went too fast you ran into the drone
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:) 920

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My best so far

5/5, really nice race. I like the way it forces you to make all the jumps just right :)
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Looking at drones I still like Dronefield (Revised) better


this is one of the best races ive ever played. the flow is perfect, the gold placement is perfect. the length is perfect.

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Flow demo

I like the way he does his victory pose on the little pedestal
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