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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-05-11
by 40 people.
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Description You're rushing to open doors before the drone hits them. Get there too late, and the drone will be sent outside the arena, blocking your path to the exit.

Just a little idea I've been playing with. I think I've seen something similar before, but nothing quite like this. I'll probably develop this a bit more later, but I really like the way this particular map turned out.

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first completion
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6 years ago this map was impossible, now it is a breeze.
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I absolutely love the concept behind this map... what a great idea. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lucidium is one of the most innovative map authors out there...
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This demo's much better.
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Wrong map, disregard demo.


I was too fast? :D
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I can't believe it.

I died after doing all the hard stuff.
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nm all fixed



everyone demo is the same in debug mode and none of them do anying!


i so love this map.


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i voted a four too. and i'm glad it didn't drop because of me. same reasons as nevermore gave will explain why i voted as i did.

Ok that's a relief

I didn't make the average vote drop drastically. I always feel so awkward when I do...


Very creative idea!
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I hate that I forgot to rate it earlier - now it's at a 5/5, and I think it's worhy of a 4/5. So, I feel very guilty for rating it down.
I guess some constructive criticism could help.
I've actually seen this done before - this may be one of the reasons it wasn't so amazing to me. Also, I feel like the paths to the switches weren't quite fun enough to go through. Sure, it was crazy exciting, but as I got into the level I felt like the paths were sort of boring.
Still, it's a very nice map.
i bet it gets copied.


Got it. Very very good map.
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I just had to get to the exit!
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that was a mistake earlier on. I thought the drone was going the other way around the outside.


Lots of pressure. nevermore, how can you cheat?
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You can cheat

But here's a non cheating demo.
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really cool idea. very fun!
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