BLT- biggest, longest, tastiest

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-05-11
by 44 people.
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Description A very, very, very, very long map. Not overly difficult, just long- plenty of opportunities for small slipups to kill you. Anyway, enjoy!

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this map hasn't aged very well imo, but it's still a fun map to play.
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Demo Data


I really love the second right vertical segment. The slopes allow a lot of boost. I LOVE this map.


I slipped at the very bottom right corner. Stupid floorgaurd!
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This map is so addicting! Every time I go to play N, and I see this map, I am forced to click on it. I love long, yet not terribly difficul maps. This puts together a lot of flow, and great usage of enemies. 5/5, and faved. Great map.
i love this map... i've played it 4min (yet) and i love it! it's just perfect... You have putted together many styles... and created beautiful map! thank You formica! 5/5 :)


My favorite spiral level. 5/5 and faved.
EVER. enough said. and, really, it is a bit too easy for me.
but it's very long, very tasty, and very good. 5/5 ninjas!


close-ish... and i cheated... and its very slow...

mmm... blt... *drools*
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But long 0_o

remindes me of

BLue Tetris...



I was looking through your maps yesterday and came upon this beauty. Finally got a demo tonight (126.825). Really fun and greatly varied map. 5/5
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I've been working on this for about an hour, I'll get a demo eventually...if it wasn't so well-designed the first shaft going down would irk me enough to bump it down one; it's fine going up, but going down, the two-mine cluster at the end means you need to be slow the whole way down so you can make a precise jump.

That said, this map has style and amazing flow, and I can see spot after spot where you included challenge but made it easier to complete by adding things such as slopes to the roof, or the jumppads (although there should be one-ways to indicate which jumppad to use for which way).

If this had been completed earlier, this would have been in the 80's column, hands down. It's that good ;)

Thank you!

That really is kind of you to say...

Anyway, here's a (slow) completion demo. This level plays best if you go fast, but on the way back, I became too catious... and, yeah, took a while, and made some (non- lethal) mistakes. Then somebody took over the keyboard, and started running to the right and to the left and to the right, refusing to go into the door.

(Yeah, I let a friend 'finish' the level, as in the end of the last row. I was terrified he'd land in a mine.)

So, yup, here ya all are! Slow completion demo.
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oh, and the name...

is just fantastic!

so very cool.

not a dull moment here there's just, so much style and variety. (special note for the zap drones, their paths were truly inspired) i thought on the way there, it may be too much going back... but the 'morphing' of the level was a pleasent suprise and garenteed this NNNNNs. i know it's going to be *so* satisfying when i finish it too ;p