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Author formica
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Created 2005-05-11
by 7 people.
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Description I wasn't totally sure what to do with this, but it did seem to good (as a general idea/ theme, not my actual tileset) to waste.

So... I'm sending this out to the masses as a tileset (give me some credit, please!) unless you guys want me to either complete this, or make a map in this style.

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I so plan on using this. Love it.
Then again, I'm not that great. If you think i'd mess it up, then... well, you're not going to check this are you?


They look like little vehicles. They just need some little wheels and they're ready to go.

I might have a go at laying objects down, but it looks like a tough map to finish.


i like this tileset. very cartoony. thats a unique trait for a numa map trust me. i dont think im qualafied to work on this map. if someone gets inspired though i look foward to playing it when finished