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Author ConfusedCartman
Tags author:confusedcartman playable puzzle unrated
Created 2007-02-17
Last Modified 2007-02-17
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Think of this as a chemistry set. Find as many ways as you can to complete the map(there are a few, I promise) and submit demos with the completions. The person with the most completions (different methods) will receive the dedication.

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Demo Data


Won the ded. Keep an eye out for it; it will be a race, and it will be on NUMA sometime tomorrow.


Demo Data


sort of different i guess, should still count though
Demo Data

Another way..

i got another way.. looking for more
Demo Data


do i get ded or something?


2nd try.
Demo Data


Took awhile to get but i got it. good stuff really fun
Demo Data

Oh Well

I win. If anyone can find a different way of completing it(I can think of 2 more ways) you will recieve the ded.
Demo Data


Nice map, Good Name