Flyin' High

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Author AsTimeFliesBy
Tags action author:astimefliesby best bitesized jetpack playable rated
Created 2007-02-18
Last Modified 2011-01-04
by 20 people.
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Description Quick map. Idea has been in my head for about half a day now. G'night guys. Enjoy!

edit: name changed. and please move the exit here: 11^468,564,336,84

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just played for the first time in almost a year, I think? or longer. been so long, I can't even remember anymore
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Demo with your new exit placement. Slow AGD:
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I wish I had put the exit here: 11^468,564,336,84

thanks though Brttrx

Good map dude.

Really liked it.


thanks lord_day.

Your best map.


Great job.


Bitesized! Thanks whoever did it.
One of the my favorites I've made. The floorguard is there for the heck-of-it. It's nearly impossible to get killed by it, but it's kinda there for 'abstraction'; for looks.
The tileset is awesome, and the gameplay is pretty good. It's hard for me to think of a way to critisize this map, maybe you could have had something going on at the corners of the top, and the floor guard seems a bit pointless, I guess. Really good map! 4.5


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Semi-slow AGD

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the left side is cheatable. very flowy. 4/5
Demo Data

Very nice

I like the Tileset very much