battle axe

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co playable race rated
Created 2007-02-23
Last Modified 2007-02-23
by 14 people.
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Description fun race i made in celebration of my beating of Guitar Hero II on expert!

im so happy!!! :D


EDIT: W00T!!! 75th race!!!

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Screw angled jumps, try generic flowing loops, you'll be surprised how much everyone prefers a fast paced map. If a good flow means no clever backtracking, no clever backtracking. Take r_t's old maps. They were all the same, loopy races, and often were styled identically. All 4/4.5 ratings.

100% Demo

fun but needs a little work 4/5.
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Not one of you best

70% demo, because of bad placement

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85% demo.

i would complete it but i gotta go to bed.
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I cant even beat it on hard... >.<!
Thats just crazy, good job m8.