What Now?!?! (an N riddle)

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-05-16
by 92 people.
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Description Quite possibly the most insane non-jump puzzle ever to be devised in N.

The 'story' behind this map is that I asked people from the forums to set me a decent challenge in this thread:

Maniak suggested: "Make an insanely hard puzzle map involving drone paths, locked doors, and trapdoors."

Well here we have puzzles, drone paths, locked doors and trapdoors fused into a large scale puzzle. You won't be dying from enemies on this map, just undeath and brainache.


You can technically beat this on your second go. On your first go you flip the switches to see what they do.

You may want to take notes, though the switches are organized in a way that helps you remember what they do. Look for clues in the grouping and other things (gold*cough*).

If you work the map properly, there are no difficult action or race sections.

And finally. If you don't *get* the map, please wait until I post the solution, before you rate this lowly. Rating this lowly without waiting for the solution WILL result in you dying a slow and horrible death.

.. Really I just can't believe I pulled this off. My head nearly sploded like when I make DDA's. I got the idea and started to make it and the Voices were saying "you'll never pull this off, that's way too complicated... it'll be too easy to cheat". But I think my plan is foolproof...

Let me know how you get on with it, if you beat it post a demo but please try not to post spoilers.

Good luck.

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"Quite possibly the most insane non-jump puzzle ever to be devised in N."

I read that and played this as a no-jump map for ages.. after watching demoes I soon realised... WTF?!


Wow. I agree with sweep. The best puzzle in NUMA.

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I hate this level! 5/5. Finally, I finish it! 5aved.
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Loved this one

It took me twenty minutes to figure this one out (without watching the demos). Ripped from my userlevels; pretty fast, but missed a piece of gold.
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now that is one

well planned out level. 5aved




ur amazing, gud map


I finaly fineshed it and i forgot to record my demo.
Hella fun
Hella hard.
Great map.

i mean...

how do you get the switches by the drones?


what do you do in it?


Should I post my completion? Or... ... idunno.


but i took a shower

great map
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Holy crap...



Love this map. I even made one simmilar to it:


this is crazy but absolutely awesome!


truly awesome, im amazed by this level 5/5
This is truly awesome, its amazing that you managed all of this in just one level, very well done! 5/5!

great map

this is very fun, and very challenging, 5/5, and added to favorites!

Erm... well...

That is, quickly compared to a person who takes his time. Lucidium did a lot better 0_o


And very quickly too.
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zap drones

too - many - objects !
ehm sorry, you well-tuned guys probably cannot understand but there's something about maps with many dynamic objects that keeps me not playing them... :(


this is really amazing. I really am not able to complete it, at this point, but it really makes you think! very cool.


I'd basically completed it, and I had to go and fall on a mine.
(Obviously, don't watch this if you want to work the puzzle out for yourself.)
Demo Data


Wow, people get it... It worked.. That's cool.

It's a shame about getting out of the rooms, but I had to put the bounceblocks in there to slow the player down, basically to minimize cheating on the puzzle.

I will post the completion demo soon if people like.

Seriously cool.

I just tried to make something like this, but not nearly as long, complex, or clever as you've done. Really *really* good puzzle, and great implementation.
I haven't got a demo yet, as I always die trying to get out of the rooms. Great map, though.


Thanks. Checking this out.