kill the king

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co bitesized playable race rated
Created 2007-03-02
Last Modified 2007-03-02
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description the king is dead
long live the king
(i am the king)

this took so f***ing long to make, and it was so f***ing hard to get right, but i love it.

my hardest in a while too

hopefully you all have good computers, this lagged for me, but i can still play it well.


ill have a demo ASAP

EDIT: added a launch pad

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Crazy stuff, man. 5/5

Third try.

Would have been better if Destiny didn't IM ME in the middle of my DEMO. x_x
Demo Data
To kill this king.
Demo Data


Slowest AGD ever! But completion anyway. 5/5
Demo Data


yay, someone appreciates good music.


Demo Data
eh, whatever. great map dude 4.5
Demo Data

Completed agd!

Demo Data


i get what you mean about the dead thing now

*smacks head*

the title and part of the desc. is from a Megadeth song.
it's 97%

and what do you mean, you're dead?


You're dead?


It was more like a 90% demo :D

Damn, Vista doesn't work well with N :(

By the looks of that demo though, I think I should rate 5 :D
Great flow, love the unpredictability.


well uhhhh hmm how do i say this well umm ok now ill say it...this map should be bite sized 5/5


nvm, i added a launch pad
but I see what you mean.

I've never been a liker of the flow breaks from jumping from gradients, but it's so schmechshy on this map. Can't flaw it apart from that one bit, so 4.5.

sry about that

but i couldnt find any way to make that survivable at full-speed.

you'll have to slow down a bit on the trap doors.

Great bar here:

Demo Data

97% demo

damn, i was close

your going to need really good reflex skills for this.
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