08-0 A Hail Of Gunfire

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Author k1rbywasthere
Tags action author:k1rbywasthere bitesized chaingun featured gunfire hail playable rated sublime xbla
Created 2007-03-02
Last Modified 2007-09-23
by 46 people.
Map Data

Description YOU ALL LOVE MEN

This made it into N+ for XBLA xD

I'm deathAbat7X (for SUBLiME)

"... levels like 08-0 A Hail of Gunfire, were really amazing levels."- lord_day

RCE. From my pack

This map was featured on 2008-09-17

Welcome to the war zone. You are stuck in a post-war, apocalyptic scenario and there is still one bad-ass robot trying to kill you before you can escape. Time is running out. Meanwhile, the battle overhead still rages, and explosions fall everywhere.

A Hail Of Gunfire has it all. It looks fantastic; it has knife-edged tension and plays perfectly. The combination of mine sprays and circular gold, along with the jagged tileset, brings out a very special map indeed. — lord_day

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i dont think

anyone says that


dont really think this was feature worthy, just another good jumper map, but you know what they say, "whatever buys you a burrito" i guess.

I found it

very aggravating starting out in that little hole, jumping up to get the gold and not QUITE circling around tight enough to avoid the mine. rest of the map was cool though

Click Proifle.

Then to the right of "User information for " Brainwasher"" there is a small edit settings tab. Try there.

You've been around

How do you change the pictures for your profile, or get a different color of the default?


it's because they're al good maps?!?!?!?!

Who knows? I don't.
There have been 2 or 3 others at most...

A good map,

but we have to many of these mine jumper-chainguns maps featured


on nreality..

i like the gold n mine placement.. didnt like the place where he started from though.. 4/5
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my only complaint

its too easy

I like this better.

No disrespect towards mrgy05.

Seems like a

B version of Bollet Dudge.


is amazing. 4 for the trapdoor.
but i guess that's cool.
agd for you
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it makes it too hard.


I don't care much for enclosed maps but this one's special





4.5. awesome. truly brilliant.
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Curious guy

isnt he banned....
oh well

cool map



nice map. i liked it.
it looks very hard, but it isn't.

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thank you

glad to be back : )


I raised tha average rating up 0.5 ninjas.

Your welcome!
No offense, though.

I loved the map. Glad to have you back. 5aved

no im not.

and thats okay.


are you still a bitesize member???

Weren't you banned?

Anyway, great map. 4/5

As I said

Truly brillinat level.

This is awesome.

Played it from the pack. 4.5