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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co bitesized playable race rated
Created 2007-03-06
by 21 people.
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Description resub, because i should have playtested the other one a bit more.


bitchin' hard race.

anyone who gets a completion demo, gets a ded.

if you are confused ill try to get a demo in, but for the most part, figure it out for yourself.

sequel to:

(this isnt nearly as hard as that^ though.)


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i did it WITHOUT fbf.....does this mean i'm a better player than nevermore.....thats scary.......5aved
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Demo Data

okay, WHAT?

that's wrong.
Demo Data

Holy Crap.

I almost missed the exit. But I didn't :)

And don't listen to nevermore. It's very possible, and very enjoyable.
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I love your races

but this was friggin hard! i have to complete it though, hold on a while.
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So this is a good race. -_- Its too hard to be fun anyway... The flow seems fine, but the mines are too constricting. 1.5/5, because the gameplay sucks.


Still no fun! u_u
Too fast paced to enjoy whatsoever. There's no time to have the fun. Plus, it's pretty much physically impossible without frame by frame, and that's stupid.
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nice race - 4.5/5 - hard as balls!


I honestly didnt like it. I just dont like this kind of map when you have to play more than once to find out what happens.

But its pretty fun.

YOu know what, Ill raise it to a 3.5
5, favorited, bitesized.
*/me applauds.

oh course it doesnt

anyone can do it with fbf

who gave me a 2?

it would be nice to know who.

whoa, that rhymed...


i win.
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i would beat it...

but my comp keeps lagging

i wanna throw this damn thing out the window...
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what happens then?

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