Barbarism's in here somewhere...

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Author Atilla
Tags action author:atilla open playable rated vent
Created 2007-03-07
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Vent map with Maniac.

Atilla: Put a sloped bit in the bottom right.
Atilla: And then put a small platform nearby.
Maniac: There should be a structure somewhere in the room with three zap drones near it.
Maniac: There should be a jagged bit in some other corner.

I don't like the right side that much, but meh.

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This is a pretty good map.
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I love this! It's really fun, and pretty open ended.

quick completion

I had a 446, but it didnt save...
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Er, ahem.

The demo.
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More refinement could probably turn this into an all-gold demo.

quick completion

well, semi-quick
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A lot of different routes in here.

I didn't really like how there was good flow in some parts but not quite as good flow in other parts, which led to deaths several times.

However, it's a fun map and I think I'll probably go for all gold.
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