What's Left, Pussycat?

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Author Atilla
Tags artistic author:atilla bitesized cat n-art rated tileset
Created 2007-03-07
Last Modified 2007-07-04
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description This was it. After so many years, Mittens had finally tracked down the man who murdered her husband and slew her children.

Vengeance was all that was left.


Dramatic storyline aside... this is a picture of a cat in profile. With a deeply significant title and speed lines. Oh, and feel free to clear the latter out the way if you want to use it as a tileset.

I'm currently fighting off the urge to practice my art just so I can turn Mittens' quest for revenge into an epic and deeply symbolic manga which comments on the nature of morality, compassion, and forgiveness, which I will then attempt to wedge into literature classes.

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So simple
So great
So attractive
So pussy
So cat

So... Cute...

Looks nice and clear. Well useable for mapmaking, too.

4.5/5 and favorited.

Good luck with the manga.

good stuff bud

my favourite part is where you place the ninja, =P


Huggles wants to be Mitten's friend.


Awesome job. 5aved