The Fool

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Author Atilla
Tags action all-gold arcana author:atilla hard playable unrated
Created 2007-03-08
Last Modified 2007-06-22
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Description Is it foolish to explore? Always people are saying that you must hurry, hurry and take the most direct path. But if you do not stop and look around, you miss so much. It's a risk, but perhaps it's worth it...


Part of a series of levels based on the Major Arcana, which I'm posting here because I doubt I will ever finish it. This is, of course, the Fool, and as such you are expected to risk your life for the shiny gold instead of just walking through the exit.

EDIT: Comments would be nice, you know.

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I know. It's supposed to be - since it was going to be part of a level pack, I was going to have levels ranging from easy to insane so there was something for everyone.

Hard, hard, hard.

I couldn't get an AGD.