Boon Docks

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang bitesized rated tileset
Created 2007-03-08
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description Not very playable, but you could make a map out of it. Not that anyone will
I tried to put in a foreground and a background which is kinda hard because the tiles always clash. Hopefully looks good

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i get the feeling these maps are made just to prove my comment redundant. Anyway i love it
Hope you'll like it ! :)

dunno what to say



you could use teleporters to navigate between the two largest chambers. that would add some length to the level instead of it being confined to the upper chamber.


Check your PMs.

5/5 by the way. Awesome stuff.


Still trying to look at it at the perfect angle... 5/5


i jack off

to stuff like this, my newest doesnt come close(but is more playable) ;)


I love this so much!!! It's Fcuken awesome!!!! man.... 5 saved faved all that crap...!! wow...i love it...
your sleeping on the couch tonight

Just mucking around

Demo Data


Love it. 5aved