The Moon

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Author Atilla
Tags action arcana author:atilla playable rated rocket
Created 2007-03-08
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 6 people.
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Description Ooh, the moon annoys me very much. I can see the shiny gold, but I cannot reach it. I know I cannot, and yet I must try. Who left gold in such a silly place?


Another level based on the Major Arcana. Going for an AGD is, of course, completely unrealistic... but feel free to try. Oh, and getting around the bottom rocket might take a few tries. Don't be discouraged.

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Where are you from? Turkey?

Just wanna ask, nothing special. If you wish to answer, just put a comment on my any map.

you do know

that we went to the moon, right?

Too easy.

Although a fun map.
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It's symbolic,

The Moon is associated with unattainability and unrealistic expectations. Therefore, impossible gold.

almost a completion

and I'm positive for a fact that it's impossdible to all gold.
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