The Sun

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Author Atilla
Tags all-gold arcana author:atilla jumping-puzzle playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-03-09
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 7 people.
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Description A golden opportunity, in a very real sense.


A short map which is part of a series based on the Major Arcana. Go for all-gold.

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Might be frame perfect but I'm not sure.
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2 Jumps
Incredible map
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Urm. I don't get Dark_Zero's comment, or Ultima888's first one o_O
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You're lazy.


Great map! True though, some lazy harlots do require demos to show that maps are entirely possible. After all, it is terribly difficult to find the three jumps that complete this map! </superficial, empty smile>
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This is harder than it looks.
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Well for one...

You could try posting a demo to convince people it's actually possible, regardless of whether it needs it or not. It shows the viewer that you have play tested the map and that it is (hopefully) to the best of your ability.

You know...

It would be nice if you actually told me what was wrong with it so I could avoid such things in the future, instead of just insulting me.
*hits author in arm*