Face or Vase?

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Author usaswim
Tags author:usaswim n-art rated
Created 2007-03-12
by 11 people.
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Description Face or Vase?

I was going for looks of the vase and the face, but it didn\'t go very well...


Part 6 of the optical illusion pack

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Part 2 -
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I like your optical illusion maps.



Looks like

two guys about to kiss... hot.
I was just wondering how.


Looks lovely. 4.5/5


4/5. Do you like pink floyd? if so... my latest map, is pink floyd... and it's awesome.


If I make an awesome vase, I make an ugly face
If I make an awesome face, I make an ugly vase

Very nice.

The faces are awesome, but the vase is a little off in my opinion.