Pit of Despair

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Author usaswim
Tags action author:usaswim playable rated
Created 2007-03-15
by 7 people.
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Description Pretty frustrating mine jumper. It has somewhat of a flow and there is a fast path. The background will drove you nuts. The loading time is a lot less than I expected. You should have seen the map before I removed 75% of the objects ;)

Here's something fun to try:

The backgrounds left and right of the starting area have exits. Place N on the single piece of gold, and you can actually play the background!

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faster >)

Beat Bonzai...
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Demo by bonzai

Insanely fast
Demo Data
You should be getting killer high scores (unless that was FBF :/)

tower thing

Demo Data

Top left

Demo Data

Main down

Demo Data

Good map

Need some arrangement but pretty fun. 4/5
I'm just making these for a break from that map.

sorry, but cmon dude...
I'm terrible at speed. I post a demo later.


Demo Data