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Author MidnightGetaway
Tags action author:midnightgetaway bitesized rated
Created 2007-03-17
Last Modified 2008-01-14
by 53 people.
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Description --Gloomy--

I love theoceanasblue. Consider this a ded for you. I'm such a poet. I didn't even know it. Wazaam.


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I love the concept in this one as well. It's pretty simple, and still fun, even if it is quite intense in a few parts.

High 4. ^^




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Oh well, to much work. I was going to spell you "I Love You!" but I'll just give this a 5 instead.
jsut cause I felt like replaying it.
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I had a purely awesome demo and then I die at the very end BY TOUCHIN THE LAST FRICKIN MINE!!!

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All gold demo

From the Map Playing Tournament.
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Demo Data
I can never make maps so simple yet addicting!! I don't understand it...
it's a good map, and I can see why other people would like it, but it just isn't my type of map. I like the general feel of the "above ground" part, but I think the way the tunnels look just ruin the look of the map.

IMO, make the tunnels more... tunnelish. Imperfect. they look too perfect. for god's sake, make them look like tunnels!

Very Replayable 5/5

Only one complaint. the bunched rockets, but otherwise great!


I loved the blocky style of the bottom. The rockets were cool. The normal doors made the map harder each time you surfaced, and I liked that too. (4.5aved)

Fantastic map

Why do people all of a sudden like to clump rockets?

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much slower than yours. meh, at least I tried.
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Very nice map

Very fun. Very replayable.
Nice tiles and great gameplay.


As always.
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