When Disaster Strikes

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Author usaswim
Tags author:usaswim bitesized kra playable race rated
Created 2007-03-18
Last Modified 2007-07-09
by 53 people.
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Description Part 1 of 100th map set. Much flowier than you might think.

For Kimmie

I am really sorry for all the bruises in your life you had to go through. I feel your pain. Stay strong. Life's a bitch. You were a great friend, and I am also sorry for all the people here in the forums that just had to increase your misery. You had such a colorful personality. I'm very sad that such a disaster had to strike you. But nothing can tear away your hope. Nothing can dent your smile. If you ever manage to read this, it is a dedication to you. You'll make it. God bless you.

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COMMENT! <3 <3. The bot knows all.
Other than that..5/5aved and I luved it. <3.


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If so, then sorry :(
If not, then idk.

Well duh!

This map was made for the average player, not some player who goes extremely fast!


i cannot beat this, no matter how hard i try :P
i think i am going too fast, the rocket keeps dying before i get to the big drop on the right hand side... ah well :/
a very nice concept though, 4/5
a nice, solid race.
plus, excellent map.
you're jealous, lol...
I don't think kimmie was ever attention starved as much as she was just a colorful person, and genuinely fun to talk to...
it helps that most of her maps alternated between really cool looking, really fun, and really funny.
She's the popular person to hate now; but only because so many are ignorant.

Here ya go.

NUMA needs more hardcore racers, like me and nevermore. :)
Sweet speech, Sweet map, Sweet Flow, Sweet close calls.
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no one cares about an attention starved 14 year old girl on the internet.


The rocket died... I still went through the level though
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Thank you

I appreciate it.


map. I'm not a race fan, but this flow was liquid.

You should feel proud for this.

Finally demo'd it

cheat death finish
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wow uhhh

You went /too/ fast. Great landing there =D


Beats the rocket, dies on the right hand fall, gets skewered, zapped into a corner, and hung from the ceiling... =D
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You need to go to general to see the password. It's something like "Lemme in already"


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good race

where can i read about kimmie? (i can't read the link you posted, usaswim) it says thta i don't have the privileges to view it.

Truly inspirational

This is Fantastic.

oh... guess what!

i beat na nana na
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HA ONE FRAME FASTER. its not even that much of a big deal. whatever. great map 5.5
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Eh... you were actually too /slow/ for the rocket. o_O
It's a shame IAABH isn't here.


I'm too fast for the rocket
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great map

and nice demo.

umm wow.

where can i read up on what happened to her/him (max ride said shes a him). can u link?

I have to admit.

great level.

I love it.

The speed, the mechanics and the timing are all just perfect. 5aved and bitesized.

Touching speech, by the way. In all seriousness.

Hurrah! awesome!

Its SUPERCRAZY how it turns into a KRARace, that's it. 5/5


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