Ship in a Bottle

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr playable race rated
Created 2007-03-19
Last Modified 2007-03-19
by 10 people.
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Description .:DeD to Nevermore:.

Why? Because he's an awesome friend!

An e-mail Vent style map between Martyr and 10tacle, and these are the rules we followed:

1. Race or flowy action.
2. open
3. 2, no more, no less, areas of mines, like my other map.
4. 2 or more thwumps, 1 for helping, and one as a threat
5. rocket. 1 or more. no more than 3. 3 = too many
6. N starts 1/4 in block, for fast start
7. AGD possible
8. cannot touch floor, walls and hanging things ok
9. 4 floor guards
10. 3 islands in the bottom left corner

RCE, and Demo

Now that i got your attention, play + rate!

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Cool map

Demo Data

not really a collab

more of a choose rules and follow with two people map.

i like

everything, except the bottom, i felt it ruined the speed flow you had going, but thats just me. Everything else was just dandy though


i STRONGLY dislike the bottom right jump. the rest of the map is fast flow no slowing down, then all of a sudden you have to slow to make it. would have been 5/5 except for that.
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to 4 votes, now to get 1 more.



Cheater :P

follow route then rate :)

Speed, er

Demo Data

Speed, ish.

Demo Data



What the hell are you talking about? Get away from me!!

^.^ *licks*

Cheater's Demo

Enjoy. And don't rate because of a map, rate it as you would normally, yes, that's you, uNcoNditioNal.

Took a while to demo it.
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