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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr rated tileset
Created 2007-03-20
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Sorry for dissapointing you, does this make it up?
Yes, this is a 30 min tileset ded to you!

and kkstrong, what do you want your symbol to be?

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same here


It ain't bad.

But the letters are way too blocky for my liking.

sorry is you thinkt his is advertising cause its not inteded to look like that:

looks nice


crazy good

You can make it kkstrong, or kstrong if you want, i'd prefer no zero at the end

looks I made one for you (but its not as great as any of yours):
and you gave it. congrats.
i shall eat my words.
very original.
nie work with the 3 dimentions.
thanks for the ded ;)


can i get one too?
yes, i may be a newb, but PLEASE!!!!!!! i almost got a ded on that map with "the world is phlat" tilset, but then you shot me down with a secret e-mail extravaganza to 10tacle.