The Puppy Machine, Stars at Daybreak

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr playable unrated
Created 2007-03-21
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Description .:DeD to uNcoNditioNal:.
Puzzley Action
My Fave part is the beginning, very innovative.

Why? Because we've come to terms and are cool now!

Resub, due to 1 vote, no comments.
People, for every map you submit,
rate and comment at least one.
I prefer everyone to comment, rate and demo in that order,
please do.
Don't go straight to a crap map just to snipe, appreciate
and play the fun ones,
that's what the site was made for.
Without further ado,

.:DeD to uNcoNditioNal:.

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on this map that i deded to you:

p.s. (I wasn't planning on resubbing)

Thanks for the deep

comment, i appreciate it.


Bottom line. Although the beginning is innovative, it doesn't seem to benefit the map; the map could have easily started with all the trapdoors lain, instead of the walking process.

Not bad, but too dense and confusing. 3/5