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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue playable rated
Created 2005-05-28
Last Modified 2005-05-28
Map Data

Description open flighty rocket map.

have fun, comment, et cetera

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I love it! Amazing! How have I not seen this map before?

heh, 4 is fine

IF you tell me how to get closer to a 5...

It's really good.

Go on, hate me, but I think it's a four. Soooo close, though.


regarding the high tiles:

you see, the gold is there to show the need to hold back with a wall slide to time your jump with the rocket. then using the launch pad with the bounce block closest to you, it's easy to make it over the high tiles.

also, in the pits hugging the walls: you need the flat piece here to allow room to avoid the rocket as it crashes into the tiles.

it's all in the demo :)


it's all been well thought out in relation to the flow.

i can't seem to finish it right now, but i think i've gone far enough to show:
Demo Data


very fun. a great addition to my User Levels :)
it should be easier to access the left and right side, because when i try to get there, i land at the top of the pillar and i need to jump a little higher on the pillar to get over. this removes just a spec of the flow.
i really liked everything else, especially how you can reach the middle level by jumping of the 45 degree wall at the bottom.
it's a little difficult to reach the exit with gauss turrets 5 feet away from you. but not too bad since you can just ride the thwump.
perhaps on the left and right side where there's a little pit, you can add a gauss turret in the middle and add an angle tile so you can circle the pit, jump off it to the right or left wall.
here's what i mean:


if you rate this down, tell me why. i'd like to know how to improve et cetera. thanks :)


loved it great flow and some nice rocket dodging 5/5!


no problem :)


excellent! very fun.


for starting N withOUT a thwump on a collision course with his head. :-P