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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr playable rated
Created 2007-03-24
by 8 people.
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Description This map has a one way puzzle!!! the good kind. my best map in ages imo.. tell me what you think.

kinda medium

** Requires knowledge of the one way jumps **

Might resub in morn if no attention...

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Cool map

i like this one 4.5/5

here's my demo.

I agree with acaridi... The other two are kinda messed up in the head, ya know? 4/5.
@Andydody: you didn't rate because he took inspiration, (and maybe a few tiles) from another map? *rolls eyes*
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it was okay, 3.5, the one way puzzle seems kinda just thrown together. The rest of the map is pretty good.