Simple Challenge #13

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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk rated test
Created 2005-05-28
Last Modified 2005-09-02
by 8 people.
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Description Getting the switch requires your walljumping to be nearly perfect. Still, not too difficult. No cheating though!

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Fun challenge :D
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one bit faster

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two bits faster

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very nice level.
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very nice

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81.3 seconds. not bad.
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in the knees I am. I cant jump like what is required for this one. IM no where near that good of a wall jumper.


sooooo close! i got the switch, and fell to my death just barely missing the door. oops. here's the demo anyways. wouldn't want you guys to miss out.
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was hard. my gracious, am I glad I did it. phew, this is definately one of my favorites from this series, tktktk.
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I give up

I've got to the top platform, but I don't want to break my shift key with more tries.


done it
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Well, I got N to work on my computer. And there's no lag. Woohoo!
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So close on my very first go. This was like 5th of 6th.
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Fair enough. I seem to be in the minority in this opinion that NUMA is for getting ratings and opinions... *sigh*


Thanks but no thanks. As long as people don't go against that simple request, maps I don't want rated will go here.

In future

It'd be nice if you could post maps you didn't want rated on the forum instead.

Nice map, by the way.


argh i can't get high enough.
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Yippity skippity.
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