The Butcher's Blade

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr rated tileset
Created 2007-03-27
Last Modified 2007-03-27
by 9 people.
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Description I thought it was sexy, i got 4.5 by two votes, resub, hope to get rated and comments.


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yuckyuckyuck. apologies, but yuck haha
and they play fine too, but the mixture of styles (the top right, bottom right, and left) is kinda ugly.

4 = very good.

3/5 = Pretty good.

yeh i agree

but ill still give it 4 because its pretty good
Abstract doesn't mean just chucking in some tiles at odd angles.

thanks uNcoN

I took my try at abstract. what do you think i should do to make it less, ugly.

A wee bit ugly.

Solidly average though.