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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr playable rated
Created 2007-03-28
Last Modified 2007-03-29
by 7 people.
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Description Fun little awesome concepted map.

All 3 newest maps have 3 votes

Beat the Zap drone to the exit:Great!
Beat the Chaingun:okay.
Beat the Laser:Slow.
Lose to the chaingun or laser to the exit:loser!

EDIT: made harder, and better! but not much, it was already good. tell me if i should change back

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this exceeded my expectations
Which is nice.
harder. 1 sec


was a test for that concept. Peace Evan,



you subbed it, nice. I love the idea, but i think it should have been harder.. dunno. Still love the concept. Keep it coming bud. And keep in touch.

Get AGDif you want

makes it a lot more fun.


beat the drone the switch... at least, I THINK this is what you were talking about.
4/5. very nice aesthetics, fair gameplay, one of your better maps. But very eccentric, there are likely many who would disagree with me.
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too easy.

Did you mean get all gold?
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