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Author Zorn
Tags author:zorn bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-05-29
by 53 people.
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Description Oh! Look at that sweet, sweet honey. Time for some hive raiding. This is an easy one, but for master beekeeper status, grab all the honey on a single run.

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those are some

killer bees


favorite map by far.
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Lag kills me

I know exactly what I would like to do. I will have to come back when my computer is cooled down and the fan isn't killing me. Nice map.
numa is nothing but blatant corruptness without you :c

help me

this level looks very very fun but how do you play it

nvr noticed..

rockets do look like bees.. 5
i missed 2 peices of honey, but no way am i trying again
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true my man


A wonderful level. Had a great time playing it.


awesome level. i didn't get all the honey but i dun get me key!!
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I had a really interesting demo, in which a rocket went right through a 'bee'.... but, typically, the demo doesn't work, and N just explodes...

Neat level, though.

Oh no!

I had a demo to go with that comment, and because I forgot to show it, I don't have it anymore. And I can't recreate it.

If you mean

that you can just dive straight in there and have all the
rockets miss you, I'd like to see a demo. That was certainly
possible in earlier versions of the level, but I thought I
fixed that problem.


You don't have to get all of the rockets to follow you.
Wonderful level, though.

lol nice

the answer was just a little too obvious for me. that earned my respect for it, 5/5


Ok, here's how it's done. For those of you looking at the level for
the first time, try to figure it out on your own!
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a little too difficult for most people to enjoy. it was
a pretty nice layout, but the curved tiles make it look
a little too much.

I swear

on the beard of my father, that this level is not only possible but actually
easy, at least in terms of gameplay skill. You just have to know how to do it.
A direct attack is of course hopeless.

I do have a demo in which I nab all the honey on one raid. Check back in
a day or I so and I'll have posted it. In the mean time, if you can't figure
it out, you're bee food!


How do you beatt this thing?!(i know you said that, but still....)
Anyway, i'll give it a 5/5 cos it's such a good theme and it's soooo hard, twill take a while ;)

Ah! Cobras!

Way too hard for me! 5/5

hehehe lol

nice, i like this one alot better. i feel like winny the poo playing this good job.


I'm not including a demo for this one since it's a "puzzle." Your solutions are welcome, of course.